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By land or sea we will deliver your cargo right to your door!

Containers transportation

Container shipping operation is one of directions of our company. Containers transportation is one of the most convenient, inexpensive and reliable ways of delivery of cargoes. Your cargo will avoid possible damages at overloads from one type of transport on another.

There are some basic modifications of containers. Their design and the sizes are standard that allows to adapt containers for transportation by any type of transport. All these containers are universal, so they can be transported by all types of transport, both automobile, and railway, and also sea.

20 ft and 40 ft containers of universal and specialized types are used in the transcontinental, long-distance and international road and sea transportations of cargoes.

Also we use different size of containers for rail transportation:

*(weight gross less than 2,5 tons),

  • (weight gross from 2,5 to 10 tons),
  • and large-capacity (max weight gross from 10 tons) containers.