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By land or sea we will deliver your cargo right to your door!

Rail transportation

Rail transportation is one of the most advantageous types of cargo delivery .You should not worry about your cargoes if you choose rail transportation with our company! We work quickly, favourably, simply and reliably.

Transport company “United-cargo” provides a full range of services in the transport of cargoes by rail from Europe to Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries and in the opposite direction.

The close and direct cooperation with Belarusian Railways can provide customers with reliable service, timely information about the tariff policy of different countries, to implement the operational calculation of rates.

We provide customers the following services for the carriage of cargo by rail:

  • selection of the required rolling stock; loading and unloading with the use of special equipment necessary;
  • development of optimal routing;
  • cargo insurance;
  • payment of all necessary payments for shipment by rail on territories of the different states;
  • transportation of cargoes in:
  1. covered wagons
  2. semi wagons
  3. tanks
  4. hoppers
  5. containers
  6. platforms
  7. containers 240 m ³