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By land or sea we will deliver your cargo right to your door!

Sea Transport Service

Our company offers all kinds of the forwarding services connected with long-distance and international transportations of cargoes, export-import and transit cargoes by sea transport.

We provide export and import door-to-door delivery from / in all ports, stations, world points according to your instructions; reception and processing of cargoes, transfer, overloading and warehousing with their subsequent delivery in the place specified by you automobile or by rail.

We offer sea transportations of cargoes by various containers (containers transportation):

  • transportation of cargoes by universal containers (20 and 40 foot standard containers, 40 ’ high cube containers (the increased height and capacity));
  • transportation of cargoes by refrigerator containers (20 and 40 foot refrigerator containers);
  • transportation of cargoes by special purpose containers (20 and 40 foot Open Top containers, 20 and 40 foot Flat Rack containers).

Hyperlink (container transportations, universal containers, refrigerator containers, special purpose containers).

Universal containers are used in containers transportation for the piece cargoes, integrated cargo units, cargoes without container in primary packing or in the facilitated container (the food and industrial goods, the household things, some kinds of perishable and dangerous cargoes).

Specialized containers are used in containers transportation and time storage of cargoes of the limited nomenclature or separate kinds — loose, liquid, perishable or sensitive to the temperature, dangerous.