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By land or sea we will deliver your cargo right to your door!

Transportation of modular cargoes

Modular cargoes involves transportation of minor parties (small amount) of cargoes belonging to different owners, through the use of one vehicle. This option allows you to transport more quickly to organize the delivery of small shipments, as well as significant financial savings by optimizing the loading of the vehicle.

Our transport company offers several options for international transportation of modular cargoes (sea, rail, air) and different types of delivery (door-to-door, door-to-warehouse, warehouse-to- warehouse, warehouse-to-door).
The minimum volume for transportation as a part of modular cargo is 1м ³.

If it is necessary we will make:

  • cargo consolidation
  • cargo insurance
  • customs registration

Popularity of modular cargoes is constantly growing. This is due to speed, convenience, efficiency and reliability of this type of transport. You pay only for a place which your cargo occupies.

“United-Cargo” has designed a comprehensive door-to-door solution for your small consignments delivery from Western and Easten Europe to Belarus and Russia and also by the multimodal service from any point of the world.